Sharing Interest in Tea

Brendan and I had our first teasesh together by Lake Ontario late last month. This was the first time that we had seen each other after summer holidays, and I was keen to show him my new setup. I hadn’t told him much about my new interest in gong fu cha, so I knew he had no idea what to expect. From the moment I whipped out my tea-on-the-go setup – my gaiwan, thermos, tea tray, and two small teacups – I knew he was interested. As I went on to explain the brewing process and the ideas of relaxation and mindfulness through tea, I knew he was hooked. Sure enough, a few days later he told me that he ordered a gaiwan and tray online for his own use.

My own interest in gong fu cha was sparked when I stumbled across Marlon and Dylan’s blog over at Chan Teas earlier this year. I had been an avid loose-leaf tea drinker for several years, but this was the first time I came across the world of gong fu cha. This quickly became my preferred method of tea preparation, and I can’t see myself ever going back to my old brewing methods. I was so happy to hear that Brendan was enjoying this type of tea drinking as much as I did. Brewing tea gong fu style is a fairly unique interest, and while the idea of it captivates many people, there are few who want to brew this way on their own. Whether someone is happy to sit down with me every so often for a small group teasesh or frequently loves to brew this way on his or her own, it makes me happy to see anybody enjoying this style of tea.

While this is very new to Brendan and also still fairly new to me, we want to be able to share our learning experiences with you as we discover more of the world of gong fu cha. We hope you enjoy this blog and would love to hear your comments!

Happy sipping!



  1. Gladly awaiting posts! Looks like it will be a good journey!

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