Refreshments for a Hot Summer's Day

We’ve had a spectacular run of gorgeous weather in the last month here in Northern Ontario.  However, with all of the sweltering heat and humidity, I haven’t felt much like a hot cup of tea.  So it will come as no surprise that I’ve been eyeing the iced tea creations that the Chan Tea guys have been sharing on their blog while quietly plotting my own response to these tortuously delectable looking drinks.

The only problem with my plan was that I had been stuck for ideas up until recently; in fact, only yesterday the inspiration for a cold tea-based drink hit me when a good friend excitedly shared her recipe for iced raspberry green tea with me.  This was rather serendipitous, seeing as the raspberry forest in my backyard (we’ve deliberately lost control of the bushes) is absolutely heaving with ruby red fruit. 

So today I decided to finally try my hand at brewing up some refreshments with the intention of trying it out on my family.  I began by making a number of infusions of a deliciously light and fruity green tea that Alyson had given me at Christmas (Bi Luo Chun).  Once these were poured to my pitcher, I added some organic honey to take the edge off, but not to make it sweet.  I then added a good handful of raspberries which were still warm from the late morning sun.  And that was it!  Simple as that!  With a wish and a prayer I put my concoction into the fridge for chilling. 

While I waited for the fridge to do its magic, I baked a cake (as all 23 year old men do in times like these), slathered it in homemade custard and covered the top with raspberries.  When all was ready for consumption my family and I sat down to a gorgeous slice of cake and some tangy, but refreshing iced tea.  What a perfect combination. 

I hope that this post, and other like it in the blogosphere will inspire you to do something creative with your tea and in the kitchen too.  In my opinion, this was a Saturday well spent!

Happy sipping and keep cool,



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